Kreation ‘Illuminate’ Juice Dupe Recipe

My FOUR juices on the left, Kreation’s $12 juice on the right.

We’d all love to be able to afford a $12.20 bottle of juice every morning, right? Not when you know that you can spend the same amount of money on a week’s (or more!) worth of juice instead. I would never spend that much on a daily expense when I can do it myself instead 😉

Is Kreation worth a splurge every now and then? Sure, why not! But if you’re looking for a great DIY immunity boosting juice that is as healthy as it is unique, then read on. The key to this recipe? Carrots! But these isn’t any old carrot juice recipe. This carrot juice is well traveled, has a 401k, ands speaks 5 languages.

Actual label from Kreation

I don’t know how identical my take on this recipe was to the original, but they tasted just the same and I was able to make four 16 oz bottles…that’d be about $50 dollars in Kreation Kash lol. No, thank you. Check out my recipe for Kreation’s Illuminate dupe after the jump!

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