Macaroni 5 Ways

When someone thinks of vegan food, many times they think of all the things vegan food ‘lacks’ or doesn’t have. People ask me all the time “How do I live without cheese?” or “Don’t you miss cheese?”

When I first went vegan four years ago, I was the noobiest of the noobs. I think I ate rice and soy sauce for multiple meals throughout the day and I considered hummus a vegetable. I definitely never though I’d be eating things like cheeseburgers, macaroni, and pizza ever again until I realized that there was a whole world out there, a vegan community, that was cooking up some of the most creative recipes I had ever seen. Fast forward to now, and the vegan food industry is white hot. There have been so many innovations in meat and dairy alternative in the past year or two alone that should be reassuring to any future vegan that the possibilities are indeed endless.

And the best part? Vegan food will just keep getting better and BETTER.

With that being said, below you will find 5 completely vegan, completely healthy, and completely delicious mac and cheese recipes that will make a believer out of the staunchest cheese fanatic you know.

Hope you enjoy!

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