Green Curry 4 Ways (Vegan)

vegan green curry 4 ways

Green Curry w/ Cauliflower Rice

So…this was totally experimental but it was not in vain! I tried FOUR different recipes to get to the best version of green curry I possibly could without actually going to Thailand. I was desperately trying to recreate this amazing curry I had in Manoa Falls, Hawaii. It was the perfect blend of sweet and savory, not to mention comforting. I’ve never been a fan of curry until that day. Maybe it was the lush greenery that surrounded me or the soft, sweet, island rain, but that was the day I proclaimed myself to be a green curry connoisseur lol.

With that being said, I did the dirty work so you don’t have to. My closest attempt to the curry I had in Hawaii was the second recipe listed here: Green Curry with Jasmine Rice. It was great..honestly not an exact replica but it was close enough for this Angeleno. The last two recipes are on the savory/spicy side, tasted great as well but I was specifically looking for that balance of sweet, savory and spicy. The curry paste that I used for my favorite recipes was purchased from Trader Joe’s, you can check it out here.

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Green Curry with Cauliflower Rice

Course Dinner, Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine Asian, Thai
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 3/4 package of Trader Joe's cauliflower rice (16 oz / 2 cups)
  • 1/2 package of extra firm tofu
  • 1/4 cup diced onions
  • 10 cloves crushed garlic
  • 1/4 cup sliced carrots (after slicing, cut pieces in halves)
  • 1/4 cup bell pepper
  • 1 stalk lemongrass
  • 1 lime
  • 4 tbsp green curry paste (purchased from Trader Joe's)
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup basil leaves
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup snow peas


  1. In a deep sauce pan or wok, sautee onions and 4 cloves chopped garlic in coconut oil until they are browned/translucent on medium-low heat. Toss in carrots, bell peppers, and broccoli. Let simmer for a few minutes and then add in chopped lemon grass and stir. Add 4 tbsp of green curry paste, juice of 1 lime, and snow peas.

  2. Add 1 cup coconut milk, 1 tbsp brown sugar, and 1/4 cup basil leaves. You can add extra coconut milk if too much of the liquid has evaporated. Toss in 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms.

  3. Sautee 4 cloves chopped garlic in coconut oil. Toss in cauliflower rice and cook for 5-7 minutes. Uncovered.

  4. Season with herbs and spices to taste. Remove from heat and set aside.

  5. Season and fry tofu (cut into rectangles) until desired crispiness and set aside.

  6. Plate cauliflower rice and tofu. Cover with curry and serve. 

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